About The Book

What makes a person Confident? What affects a Person's Confidence adversely and why is that even important?

Did you know that one's childhood can have a deep impact on one's self-confidence?

Have you ever wondered how a sportsperson performs repeatedly even after multiple failures? Where does that confidence come from, despite past failure? What can we learn from this? How do animals with lesser thinking capacity step out to hunt, deeply motivated, every single day, despite a previous failed attempt?

Bedazzle deconstructs the core aspects of subconscious motivation in all such scenarios and handpicks the triggers to understand confidence at a deeper level so that anyone can use it to their best advantage. Successful people are often perceived as confident but it is less acknowledged that it is immense confidence that makes people successful. Author Shamoly Khera reveals multiple action plans that can aid a person in developing and maintaining consistent confidence, awakening deep motivation in the self and actualising one's full self-potential.

About The Author

Shamoly Khera is a multi-faceted speaker. She is a TV presenter, Producer, public speaker and Speaking coach. Born and raised in Mumbai Shamoly has global exposure and a rich experience of addressing audience in international markets.

Having been the face of various television networks like UTV, Zee TV Middle East, MBC Bollywood and having studied theatre and stage acting, presenting has been a first love as it helps her connect to a wide audience across ages, cultures & continents.

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